This Disabled Dog Enjoys His Favorite Pastime: Splashing Around In Puddles

dog loves splashing in puddles

This charming Labrador likes to wade through the puddles that form on the patio of his house, he gets so excited that he even dances with happiness.

Stevie is a very happy Labrador, who since the moment his family met him, just before adopting him; He showed his great energy. He found a huge puddle of water in the patio of the house and immediately ran to splash in it. The family was delighted to see him and from then on he became a member of the household.

The adorable pooch suffers from a condition called “cerebellar hypoplasia“, which makes it a little more difficult for him to perform certain movements, but that doesn’t stop Stevie at all; he is an extremely happy dog.

Jane, her mother told The Dodo:

We had a big puddle in the garden and while Stevie was exploring the garden he finally walked over and found the puddle and went crazy. I was splashing and very excited. It was so this. I gave him a bath the first day and he never left.

What this dog likes the most is splashing around in puddles

Happy dog in the mud

Stevie’s family really admires how he doesn’t let his physical limitations stop him from being happy and acting like any other normal dog, even if he has to try a little harder.

labrador with bowtie

He is a great pet and loves to have fun.

Joan says:

Stevie is just Stevie. He acts like a typical Labrador and I don’t think he feels any different. However, he knows how to problem solve and adapt so he can do what he wants when it’s a challenge.

Dog enjoys the water

This dog is incredibly attracted to puddles and is very happy when he finds one. Ever since he found the first one in his family’s garden, he jumps for joy every time he sees it.

Her mother is sure that at the first opportunity, Stevie will jump into the yard to play and jump in the puddles.

She added:

When we have a good first rain in spring, it comes every day as long as they’re there. So depending on how much rain there is and how long they’ve been there, they sometimes skip a day or two before heading back. He’ll probably get tired of the baths.

stevie the wonderdog

It’s truly a sight to see Stevie jumping for joy when he finds a puddle, for him it’s definitely the highlight of his day and he can’t stop jumping and dancing.

For Stevie, the challenges of his physical condition do not exist, he is truly very happy and does not let anything stop him from doing what he loves the most.

Joan said:

Stevie brings us so much joy just by being Stevie

If you want to know more about Stevie’s adventures and her attraction to puddles, you can visit her on Facebook.

Images: Facebook / Stevie the Wonder Dog


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