It is believed that most people want to get a dog, but do not dare to take such a crucial step, and there are many reasons for this. Someone thinks that his financial condition does not allow him to maintain a dog, others are prevented from doing this by a small living space. But there are people who cannot afford to have a dog due to allergies. To their delight, there are many so-called hypoallergenic dog breeds in the world. However, you need to understand that even hypoallergenic dog breeds do not guarantee a complete absence of allergies.

The allergy is not caused by the wool itself, as is believed. Proteins that cause allergic reactions are also found in saliva and animal dander. Wool, which is everywhere when the animal sheds, easily rises into the air and spreads dandruff with it. All this leads to allergies.

Therefore, hypoallergenic dog breeds include, first of all, breeds that almost do not shed and emit little saliva. It all depends on how sensitive a person is to allergens. For some, even hairless dogs will be a sufficient source of them. In addition, individual sensitivity is very important. Someone may be allergic to Shepherd Dogs and Rottweilers, but there will be no reaction to huskies.

The larger the dog, the more likely it is to develop an allergy. A constantly barking dog will inevitably spray saliva particles. All this should be taken into account. The ideal choice is a small dog that does not like to bark. We offer you dog breeds for allergy sufferers.

hypoallergenic dog breeds

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frize is a small hypoallergenic dog breed for keeping in an apartment. They have a silky, curly coat. They do not shed and almost do not smell. Such a pet is very active and cheerful, loves to play and amuse its owner. Suitable for families with children who are willing to tolerate frequent barking. A distinctive feature is high intelligence. Bichons are easy to train. They don’t like to be alone with themselves.

hypoallergenic dog breeds


This short-haired dog is almost odorless. She does not like to bark, and more often than not, you cannot hear anything from her except whining howls. The breed is considered intelligent and easy to train, but very energetic, as it belongs to the hunting breed.

hypoallergenic dog breeds

American bulldog

This is a fairly large dog, which is classified as a fighting dog. She has a broad chest, a massive body and a heavy flattened bulldog head. It is an intelligent, agile dog with a coat a little over a centimeter long. The American Bulldog will be an excellent guard and protector, but training it, as with all fighting breeds, will require persistence and strength.

hypoallergenic dog breeds

Coton de Tulear

This breed does not shed at all. This little white dog is a fluffy focus of affection. She loves to play, is incredibly friendly, loves to spend time with the owner. Will be a great companion in children’s games.

hypoallergenic dog breeds


A charming dog with characteristic ears, the resemblance of which to the wings of a butterfly gave the breed its name (papillon is translated from French as “butterfly”). This breed does not shed or produce the characteristic dog scent. This little dog is one of those breeds that look great on cushions or in the arms of adorable women. For children, she will become a participant in games and adventures full of energy, but one should take into account the fragility of a little papillon, which even a child can easily injure.

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