5 Best Cat Breeds For Kids

best cat breeds kids

Pets are generally an excellent stimulant for the emotional development of children. As with dogs, the relationship established between a child and a cat can become indissoluble and help the child to acquire important values ​​such as responsibility and commitment.

Although not all cats can adapt to the smallest home and adapt perfectly with children, many people are patient and empathetic to them.

1. Ragdoll

Ragdollbest cat breeds kids

The Ragdoll cat is a small tender and docile specimen, which generally seeks the affection of children and which demands their constant caresses.

2. Manx

best cat breeds kids  Manx cat
Manx cat

Manx cats are known to have no tail. This is one of the reasons they are good breed for kids – no tail means kids will not have the temptation to pull on the tail! Manx cats are fun to have at home and, they are famous for their pleasure in fetching. They also like heights, so do not be surprised if you find your manx cat watching you from the top of a door!

3. Maine Coon

best cat breeds kids  Maine Coon
Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a tender and very affectionate cat that can adapt well to a busy family lifestyle. They have a sweet nature and can be very playful, making it an excellent breed of versatile cat.

4. Siamese

best cat breeds kids  Siamese

These cats are also very playful creatures, with a gentle and sociable character. Siamese cats will provide hours of entertainment for your kids, as they love to play with toys and get into trouble while exploring the surroundings.

5. Persian

Persianbest cat breeds kids

These cats are extremely popular, not only because of their pretty face, but also because they are very calm but very playful. Persian cats crave human companionship and are known for their patience with unruly children.


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