8 Cute Curly-Haired Dog Breeds: The Most Popular Dogs

curly haired dog breeds

A dog is a friend, a hunter, and sometimes just a cute fluffy. This name is especially deserved by curly dogs. They attract attention, differ from others, and of course require special care.

Features of caring for a curly haired dog

Connoisseurs of curly dogs do not cut their hair baldly. Therefore, to emphasize the beauty of the dog, you have to fiddle with long hair. Each breed has its own characteristics and nuances. But you will have to cut, comb and bathe any.

Quadruped walks inevitably lead to tangles. The result is aesthetic problems and a negative impact on health: parasites, harmful bacteria enter the wool and heat exchange is disturbed. Regular brushing of the dog improves blood circulation, removes dead hairs and parasites, distributes the fat layer evenly and gives the animal pleasure. A single brush is not enough. For combing out different breeds, use:

  • Furminator is a miracle of modern technology. Outwardly, it resembles a blade from a clipper on a comfortable handle. Quickly and efficiently removes the deceased underfloor. Suitable for any hair length, as long as there is an undercoat. Pets enjoy and serve for a long time.
  • Slickers – perform the same purposes as the furminator. Suitable only for animals with volumetric down.
  • Metal combs – complete work after previous tools. Only effective for long-haired dogs.
  • Massage brushes – used for styling wool. More convenient options in the form of a glove.
  • Scissors – sometimes the tangles have to be cut.
curly haired dog breeds

If the previous procedure is not enough for the dog, proceed to bathing. Contrary to expectations, a curly-haired dog may not appreciate such a prospect. Train this breed to water procedures from puppy years. A few tips:

  1. First we comb out, and then we bathe. The reverse is ineffective.
  2. Choose a warm, draft-free environment for your treatments.
  3. Pour water in advance and up to the middle of the paws.
  4. Monitor your dog’s temperature.
  5. Do not push right away, let the dog get used to the situation.
  6. Use a ladle to water the wool first. Showers only for calm and accustomed animals.
  7. Don’t overuse shampoo. Detergents degrease the skin of tetrapods, it cracks and dries. The result is hair loss and allergies. Therefore, choose mild or specialized shampoos.

8 popular curly-haired dogs

Every animal is unique. It is worth evaluating the characteristics of each in order to choose the right pet.

Bichon Frise

curly haired dog breeds
Bichon Frise

Decorative French lapdogs Bichon Frise dogs have been delighting since the Middle Ages. The ideal appearance hides the difficulties that the owner will have to go through. A small breed hypoallergenic for humans was obtained in the process of long-term selection. As a result, dogs have a soft and soft down, a minimum of undercoat and almost zero shedding. But the Bichon Frize themselves are prone to allergic reactions. The owner will have to monitor and protect her skin and hair, carry out the necessary procedures:

  1. Haircut – monthly.
  2. Brushing and combing – daily.
  3. Eye treatment, teeth and ear canal cleaning – as needed.

Interesting fact! The name of the breed consists of the words bichon and frise, which translates as a curly pad.

The average age of these pets is 13 years. Height – 40–43 cm, weight – 12–15 kg.

Bichon Frise Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Friendliness and lack of aggression Can’t stand loneliness
Activity and devotionLoud hysterical barking
Ease of TrainingGrudge
HypoallergenicCare Cost

English cocker spaniel

curly haired dog breeds

Curly-haired medium-sized dog with thick multi-colored hair. The Englsih Cocker Spaniel was bred to hunt game, but it turned out to be too attractive. A very active breed: you will have to walk and invent physical exercises. In addition, you will need to clean the dog and the house. The Englishman is patient, cheerful and tireless in the game.

The average age is 11 years. Height – 40–43 cm, weight – 12–15 kg.

English Cocker Spaniel Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
EleganceStrong shedding – will have to collect wool around the house
Kindness to strangers Can’t stand separation
Get along with cats and other petsLoud and regular barking
Love for childrenUrination with joy or fear

American cocker spaniel

curly haired dog breeds
American cocker spaniel

Descendant and reduced version of the previous dog. Also a born birder. An active and joyful animal with a beautiful fluffy coat. American Cocker Spaniel dogs live on average for 10 years.

They reach a height of 35–38 cm and a weight of 10–13 kg. The breed loves children, but it also has negative traits.

American Cocker Spaniel Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Behaves in a way that is convenient for the ownerTouchiness
Patience for peopleAbility to manipulate and beg
BeautyCan’t Endure Loneliness

Interesting fact! In the 10th century, stealing a royal spaniel was subject to a fine, which could buy several horses.


curly haired dog breeds

Another charming and intelligent French dog. Those for whom the words spaniel and bichon mean nothing can easily imagine a Poodle.

There is a classification of poodles. They are divided into royal, medium, small and dwarf. The calling card of all these dogs is a curly short or curly monochromatic coat of black, white, peach or brown color. The length of the cover does not exceed 0.2 m. The color of the skin is silvery or wool-like. To make a dog of this breed look well-groomed, it is enough to comb it out weekly and thoroughly bathe it monthly.

Interesting fact! The poodle is ranked second in the ranking of the smartest dog breeds according to psychology professor Stanley Koren.

Poodle Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Very intelligentSmall individuals are shy
Friendly to children and strangersDifficult to care for
Does not shedDue to hunter instinct does not get along with other poultry
Attractive appearanceVoiced barking

Black Russian Terrier

curly haired dog breeds
Black Russian Terrier

The black Russian terrier is younger than his brothers. Half a century ago, he was bred on the basis of the Giant Schnauzer in the Krasnaya Zvezda kennel. The universal service-sentry eventually became a favorite of the public. Although the terrier is not a decorative dog, you still have to take care of him. Especially behind the long hair on the face, which is constantly getting dirty. This black curly dog ​​requires a strong owner, but is easy to train.

The breed lives on average about 10 years. Height – 64–72 cm, weight – 45–50 kg.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Excellent watchdogExpensive content
Not noisyCare needs
SmartCan’t stand being alone


curly haired dog breeds

The Maltipoo is another young breed. The descendant of toy poodles and Maltese lapdogs was named after the parents: malti + poo. It turned out to be a tiny baby hypoallergenic for humans. The breed was not recognized by the dog handlers’ association, but in some countries ( ex : Russia )it is considered a designer breed.

The average age is 14 years. Height – 12-35 cm, weight – 1.5-4 kg.

Maltipoo Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Good mannersWillfulness
HypoallergenicCannot stand loneliness
No sheddingNo feeling of fear

Scottish Terrier

curly haired dog breeds
Scotch terrier

Hunting enthusiast from Scotland, and in apartment life – a badass and energizer with the character of Napoleon. Scottish Terriers are very active, self-confident and curious. They like to start street fights even with an opponent that is not in size. These dogs are emotionally connected with the owner, but they will not allow to make a doll out of themselves. Scotty will not intrusively interfere, next to his family he is well-mannered and calm.

Live up to 13 years. These dogs are 25–38 cm tall and weigh 8.5–10 kg.

Scottish Terrier Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Very smartBully
Not afraid to be aloneDifficult to train
Good guardNoisy

Airedale Terrier

curly haired dog breeds
Airedale Terrier

The last representative of the list of the curly haired dog breeds, is a hard worker for all occasions. More often this dog is used as a hunter. The Airedale Terrier is not bloodthirsty, but for him to smell is to catch. And he always knows who he is following. Airedale guard is just as good, especially if you teach him. The dog will not rush in the heat of the moment at strangers, but he will not give offense to the owner.

The third profession of a dog is a guide. The animal understands its responsibility and kindly helps the owner in everything. An excellent sense of smell, together with learning, made the dog a serious operational dog. Search for drugs, explosives and intruders in his teeth.

On average, Airedale Terriers live up to 12 years. They reach a height of 56–61 cm and a weight of 20 kg.

Airedale Terrier Dog Highlights:

Advantages Disadvantages
Very smartPermanent care
Very smartBully
Not afraid to be aloneDifficult to train
Good guardNoisy

Of course, there are more curly haired dogs than presented in this article. This list is international. It also includes small and large curly-haired dog breeds of various specialties and characters.


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